Pie Crusts Ready to Garnish 

You are a restaurant professional, and you have your own quiche and pie recipes but you want a dough worthy of a great chef?


Our ready-to-garnish offer is the opportunity to choose from a wide dough formula that will meet all your expectations.

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Salty shell : precooked and ready to garnish 

Sweety shell : ready to garnish and can withstand light cooking. With our paste waterproofed with cocoa butter, they will keep their solidity and their crunchiness.

Our salty shell are perfect for cold starter, but they also adapt for a hot side dish with a new light baking from 10 mn to 15 mn. 

Our sweety shell can support a new light baking. Place them 2 minutes in the oven before garnish and serving. It will give them their original crunch. 


Square 3x3"

Mini 1,5x1,5"

Round 3"

Pure butter dough

Vegan dough