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Carrément Tarte, it is the history of a generous and adventurer couple, crazy about tarts !  Philippe and Katell, a Chef and an Entrepreneur,  two characters which make Carrément Tarte a human and family business. Of Breton origin and established for almost 15 years in Québec, they became entrepreneurs in 2014, the day they decided to start this incredible adventure.

By creating Carrément Tarte, Katell and Philippe also reconcile the industrial and the craftsmanship. They offer you noble products thanks to the excellence of the quality of the ingredients, natural products without preservatives or additives. Good and beautiful products, because one does not go without the other, the pleasure is not only gustatory, it is also visual.

Because our alignment with our values ​​is uncompromising, we believe that it is possible to offer gourmet products, large volumes, respectful of the health and confidence of our consumers, with a je ne sais quoi, that make them unique and trendy!


Our crust is a real family story, where the recipe is passed from mother to daughter … and finally from mother to son !  We are proud to perpetuate the pure butter tradition, the one of pastry excellence. Our crust is not so crunchy by chance … Discover this real signature in our delightful and so elegant gourmet squares.


Carrément Tarte is above all a mixture of work, passion and finesse, in a delightful and always crunchy crust.

Discover our brand new range of products, vegan dough.

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We are not a traditional pastry boutique but a gourmet 

“Tart factory”. Located in Montreal, in the Rosemont neighbourhood, we are ensuring the overall production process of our gourmet squares, who are then available in our dear partners : fine groceries, cheese shop, gourmet shop and others cafés, everywhere in Quebec and now in Toronto. 

For us, the tart should be original, gourmand and elegant ! Individual gourmet squares, family or bites, savory butter crust, sweet butter crust, there is one for everyone's taste.

Carrément Tarte developped their unparalleled flavors always in a square ! 



Even if we work our dough in an artisanal way, we are not a traditional pastry shop. Our products always have a "je ne sais quoi" that makes them unique and trendy.


A recipe that has been passed on from generation to generation, a shared know-how and a common passion: pies.


Our story is above all a family story, and working with us is part of it. Carrément Tarte, a human and family business.


At Carrément Tarte, the good and the beautiful are one. Our gourmet squares are the promise of this elegance.