Pies and Quiches Ready to Serve

Discover our gourmet squares, both sweet and savory, ready-to-serve. A wide choice to satisfy the greatest number.

All the details ca be found in our catalog.

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All our pies and quiches are available in two formats :

Individual (3x3") and Family (7x7")

The size of the minis is 1,5x1,5". 

Discover our brand new range of products, vegan dough.

Our sweet pies:

Dark chocolate - Lemon meringue - Coco lime - Pecan - Passion White Chocolate - Cream sugar

Our quiches :

Parmesan Mushrooms - Spinach Goat - Vegetables black olives -Broccoli Cheddar - Lorraine - Leeks Brie

Our minis :

Strawberry - Raspberry - Dark chocolate - Cream sugar - Lemon - Coco lime